About Us

Create a unique art

Moddress has a complete set of standardized operation process of design production inspection logistics Strict industry standards are followed from the source of materials to process control and delivery of finished products,To ensure that every customer can really enjoy the high quality service of moddress.

Design intention

It is every girl's dream to wear beautiful wedding dress. Only the dress of soul can match our respected customers.

Design concept

Moddress forgets business interests in the world. As dreamers walking in time, we don't make public. What we do is not just products,It's quality. What we do is not only wedding dress, but also taste. Wear it and enjoy an elegant life.

brand positioning

Moddress is positioned as a mass luxury for petty bourgeois women. It represents every young lady who pays attention to quality and has a simple life Style, introverted, avant-garde, maintain a firm, in the platform to find their own unique personality new style, let women have their own style Exclusive color life.